October 9, 2021

ALGHERO is a city that has opportunities to relax, only after visiting the walls of the medieval period, in the historic center, inside, with its narrow cobbled streets, you can meet people who speak a language that came from Catalonia, one of the variants of the Catalan language, which today speaks a quarter of the world's population.

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September 18, 2021

Alghero, it happens to meet people and stroll, while we chat, reality in the shade comes to the surface, we talk about coffee, memories come to mind at my grandmother's house, when my uncles returned home as sailors, and brought coffee still clear to be toasted, it was toasted at home, the fire was lit and the coffee was poured into a large pan, while the coffee took on color, it was turned with a wooden ladle, in the meantime it was tasted, crunchy and bitter, a bean pull the other, it is certainly not a blend, as is done today, between a chat and the other, you go back in time. 

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June 13, 2021

ALGHERO is a city worth visiting, BECAUSE, in addition to customs, the beauty of its towers and the fortress wall, which for thousands of years protected from attacks by foreign ships, today it plays the role of a picturesque postcard.



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May 7, 2021

Association T.E.S.A. SARDINIA, has planned two events from the Middle Ages:

- 28.08.1501 granting Alghero the status of "Royal City" by Ferdinand II of Aragon;

- October 7-8 will be reminded of the arrival of Charles V in Alghero.

The historical reconstruction of events is planned.

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