Mario Mulas - Universal Feeling

Mario Mulas - Universal Feeling

Mario Mulas Universal Sentiment -Mario Nieddu-

Simplistically tracing Mario Mulas' inspiration to a particular style or movement of the twentieth century, to the Metaphysical one for example, does not allow us to cross the threshold of his expressive passion. Mario Mulas' canvases, pretext scenarios, allow the artist to open up to us his rich inner world, protected by his reserved nature. If the elongated shadows, tonal as discrete words, lead us into the rooms of universal human feeling, lived architectures contain the secrets and dignity of a private encounter. The artist, capable of lyricism and careful in the perspective use of glimpses, does not resort to the unusual at all costs or to dramatic strokes, rather he invites us to recover authenticity in our world reduced to a market, in which we buy everything, even the death. Mario Mulas has always depicted the courage of perennial values, which man is rediscovering today, shattered by fundamentalism and terrified by the nightmare of the future.



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