ALGHERO is a city in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea

ALGHERO is a city in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea

ALGHERO is a city in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, located in the northwest of Sardinia, with winter temperatures during the day 14 °, peaks in the summer of 30 ° / 35 °,

the landscape along the coast is pleasant in calm periods and with a strong enough sun, from the top of the cliff you can see the seabed with fish,

dolphins are often found near the coast, which sometimes approaches the boats, and it also happens that tuna, swimming in a flock in the depths, passes a few meters from the boat

for lovers of good food, there is the opportunity to dine right on board the boat, and at the same time observe the cliff with small beaches along the Alghero Bosa route,

for those who want to contemplate the sea from above, there is another road that runs from Alghero to Bosa, a unique sight for photographers and professionals, 45 km deprived of populated centers and having a general panorama of the endlessly beautiful sea surface,

ALGHERO with its airport just five minutes by car, the port with a fairly large area also serves as a marina for relatively small boats,

the port adjoins the historic center with Catalan-Aragonese towers, from the top of the wall overlooking the Gulf of Alghero with its 5 km long beach.

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Salvatore Serra

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