In Sardinia You are welcome.

In Sardinia You are welcome.

How many choices can a person make who needs a temperature of just over 10 degrees?

ALGHERO, in Alghero you can find apartments at affordable prices in the autumn-winter season, which is important for a city break, where you can find peace after the chaos of the summer period.

ALGHERO is a city that has opportunities to relax, only after visiting the walls of the medieval period, in the historic center, inside, with its narrow cobbled streets, you can meet people who speak a language that came from Catalonia, one of the variants of the Catalan language, which today speaks a quarter of the world's population.

In some houses you can see stones carved with the symbols of families who arrived from Catalonia between about 1353 and 1400.

Over time, the walls and buildings have undergone changes, like all the cities of Sardinia.

ALGHERO offers excellent home cooking and catering, with local specialties, from fish or meat to desserts, well thought out to ensure you enjoy your meal.

There is also the option of taking a boat trip, fishing in line, and then eating fish with the option to cook it in the apartment where you live.

ALGHERO has a hospital, a port, and an airport, not bad for a city with 45.000 inhabitants, not that big and not so small, so you can spend your days as a tourist in a quiet city without much traffic, even if you consider that there are many small villages with characteristic features of Sardinian culture, from frescoes to local cuisine, and all this is a surprise from time to time even for us permanently living in ALGERO.

Welcome to Sardinia.

Salvatore Serra

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