ALGHERO is a city worth visiting!

ALGHERO is a city worth visiting!


ALGHERO is a city worth visiting, BECAUSE, in addition to customs, the beauty of its towers and the fortress wall, which for thousands of years protected from attacks by foreign ships, today it plays the role of a picturesque postcard.

Visible from the sea and from the land, with its grandeur, the city has managed to preserve even culinary delicacies, starting with the usual plate of spaghetti, seasoned with arsele, garlic, capers, olives, a little wine, some tomatoes, and parsley.

By far a very seasoned first course today, for those used to a quick bite, it might be enough to escape north and visit the wonderful Porto Ferro beach.

This is another place where you can spend half a day lying in the sun. The temperature in Sardinia in the summer at three o'clock in the afternoon can even reach 35 °.

The afternoon breeze is not so hot, the effects are felt in the evening unless you take precautions and wear sunscreen.

Sunburn also happens to those who live permanently in Alghero.

Not far from Porto Ferro beach, after sunbathing, you can visit Lake Baraz - the only natural lake in the northwest of Sardinia.

For a pleasant end to the evening on the way back to Alghero, the road lengthens a bit, but you have the opportunity to see another tower inside Porto Conte, a watchtower built during the Spanish domination.

A fierce naval battle took place in the Gulf of Porto Conte in 1350, in which many artists find inspiration to paint on their way back to Alghero.

Passionate about photography can take pictures of beautiful sunsets, they are sure to be unforgettable for those who come to Alghero in Sardinia as a tourist.

In the evening, if you are looking for a good restaurant, you can enjoy a great portion of freshly caught squid and a fruit dessert with myrtle, a drink made from the extract of myrtle, a very blooming plant in the vicinity of Alghero.

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Salvatore Serra

Alessandra   14.06.2021 15:50:39   Reply
Даже захотелось посетить Альгеро.